Great Deals

Ollie's Bargain Outlet offers brand name merchandise at up to 70% off the fancy store prices. We offer great deals on closeouts, excess inventory, and salvage merchandise. Check out some of the great deals that you'll be able to find at your hometown Ollie's.

Current Deals

Infrared Heaters

Folks, pretty soon there will be a chill in the air! And we’ve got you covered with some of the best heaters available starting to arrive in stores.

Fresh and Frugal Food

Check out our deals on fresh and frugal food…You’ll find famous brands you know and love for up to 50% off the grocery store price!

Delta Showerhead Buyout

Folks, it’s the time of year when we like to shower you with savings! We just purchased over $1 million of first quality Delta showerheads!

Everlast Exercise Buyout

Folks, head to Ollie’s to exercise your right to save big on your exercise equipment!

Ladies Fashion Boots Buyout

Folks, this is our biggest boot deal ever! You’ll find a variety of fashionable styles from short to tall, with toggles and buckles, in many colors and sizes!

Semi-Annual White Sale

Folks, it’s Ollie’s HUGE semi-annual white sale! We’ve got a huge assortment of bedding and blankets, towels, window shades, furniture covers, and more.

Cookbook Buyout

You’ll find slow cooker cookbooks, 5 ingredient recipes, meals in minutes, and many more cookbooks for up to 83% off the fancy bookstore price!

Black & Decker $3 Million Closeout

We’ve got over $3 million worth of factory serviced Black & Decker kitchen appliances!

Your Flooring Headquarters!

Need new flooring? Head to Ollie’s, your carpet and laminate flooring headquarters. You’ll be floored by our deals!

Back to School Buyouts!

Folks, we have a HUGE deal on school and office supplies that you and your teachers are going to love!

EXCLUSIVE Online-only Offer: $40 Dover Race Tix

We’ve got $40 NASCAR Cup Tickets for the October 4, 2015 race at Dover International Speedway! That’s more than 50% off the same reserved race day ticket valued at $84!

The Coffee Buyout Continues!

Folks, some coffee manufacturers are getting ahead of themselves by making way too many! So one company’s overrun became big savings on your cup of joe!