Good Stuff Cheap - good quality products at great prices

Semi-lovely – functional, but not particularly pretty and shiny like those other fancy stores

Deal – a bargain on good quality products at a great price

Closeout - a sale on items that will no longer be manufactured or sold by a store. The last batch of goods

Buyout – a sale on all the items a supplier or manufacturer had left after selling to their usual buyers

Excess Inventory/Overstock/Overrun – the items left over after a manufacturer sold their contracted allotment of goods to their usual buyers

Liquidation - the process companies (usually companies that are closing) use to sell off all their assets (products/goods) in return for cash

Discontinued – goods that are no longer produced

Package change – a product’s change of package material, size, quantity, labels, or graphics

First quality – products that are high quality, no flaws or irregularities, not refurbished… in other words, new goods that you’d find in high-end stores or other regular retailers

Refurbished/remanufactured – items that were returned to the manufacturer to be reevaluated, fixed if necessary, then repackaged and resold at lower cost

IR (irregular) a product that didn’t quite meet the production standards of the manufacturer, such as clothing with slightly crooked stitching

Their price, Their retail - the price that other stores sell an item for

Famous maker/Famous brand – a brand that is well-known, recognized, and generally known to produce and/or sell quality products

Fancy store – a store that tends to sell items at full retail, not a discount store

Big box – a store that is typically both physically large and has a recognizable name