Ollie's Army Excruciating Details

So exactly how do Ollie’s Army members earn points?

Members of Ollie's Army will earn a point for every dollar they spend, after all discounts are applied and before sales taxes are applied. (aka: the subtotal)

What are the benefits of the Ollie’s Army loyalty program?

We have two different ways to earn more Good Stuff Cheap, each with their own points bucket.

  • Rewards (lifetime points bucket)
  • Ranks (annual points bucket)

Reward Certificates: (Reward points have no expiration)

For every 250 points earned, members earn one Reward Certificate, which is delivered via postal mail. If a member does not have a valid mailing address on their profile, they must update their account in order to receive their Reward postcards. These Rewards are also available on the Ollie's mobile app and website under the "My Offers" section. Points earned toward these certificates go into a lifetime point bucket. As long as members continue to be active and use their cards, they’ll keep collecting points.

Reward Certificate is good for 10% off any one shopping trip.

Rank Rewards: (RANK POINTS reset annually on January 1st)

There are three tiers to Ranks:

  • One Star Generals
  • Two Star Generals And
  • Three Star Generals

On January 1st each year, all members start with zero points as a One Star General.

As members shop, they begin to earn points. When they reach 250 pts within a calendar year, they become a Two Star General AND they'll receive a 20% O-ward via email (20% off one item). When they reach 500 pts within a calendar year, they become a Three Star General AND they'll receive a 30% O-ward via email (30% off one item). Limit one of each O-ward per member, per year.

Two and Three Star Generals also receive one or two "special" surprise offers each year as a thank you for being such a great member. Timing and offers will be random and whoever has earned the rank as of the day the offer is decided, will receive the “surprise”. Three Star Generals will also receive advanced notice of some very exclusive deals from time to time. 

In order to receive the 20% O-ward and 30% O-ward, members must provide a valid, deliverable email address.

Where can I see what offers I have available?

Members can create an online account and connect it to their Ollie’s Army card. They can see rewards and other offers available to them on the Ollie’s website and the Ollie’s mobile app by navigating to the “My Offers” tab.

Whether an offer is redeemed from the website, the mobile app, an email or a postcard, once that particular coupon is used, it is no longer available to be used again.

The fine print:

Ollie’s is providing these programs to our most loyal members, to reward them for their shopping trips at our stores. They are a continued “thank you” to our members that shop our stores regularly.

As such, Ollie’s reserves the right to update or change the program. After all, we own the stores – we make the rules!