Nut Buyout

Nothin but Nuts!

Folks, we're going a little NUTTY for our latest bargains on Planters, Blue Diamond, Imperial Nuts, Wonderful Pistachios & more for up to 43% off the fancy stores! Here are just a few of the crazy good deals you could find...

🥜 6 oz. Blue Diamond Snickerdoodle Almonds just $1.99, theirs $3.48
🥜 16 oz. Planters Peanuts just $2.79, theirs $3.29
🥜 8 oz. Wonderful Pistachios just $3.99, theirs $4.49
🥜 20 oz. Imperial Nuts Mixed Nuts just $5.49, theirs $7.99

Think of all the CASHEW will save at Ollie's...stop by today!

May 2024